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Ayurveda for kidney health | Business Deal with Worthy Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter from India is Unbeatable!

Ayurveda for kidney health

Ayurveda for kidney health 

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body, owing to its beneficial functions. These two bean-shaped organs are located just below your rib cage. Did you know, Kidneys filter 120 to 150 quarts of blood every day! There are some important reasons why you have to take care of your Kidney. Ayurveda for kidney health

Why Take Care of Kidneys?

  • Helps to Regulate Water
  • Produces and Regulates Important Hormones
  • Helps to Remove Toxins and Waste
  • To Prevent Kidney Disease
  • To Prevent Kidney Failure
  • It is one of the Biggest Reason of Death

With so much importance, Kidney Care becomes the motive of today’s living!

High Blood Sugar is the main cause of Kidney Failure and so this disease is more common in Foreign Countries such as USA, UK, Canada, along with India. Owing to the irregular eating habits, there are chances of High Blood sugar, which in turn creates risk factors of Kidney Disease.

And so, to tackle these problems, Herbal Hills Global, One of the renowned Ayurvedic Medicine Export from India, has developed impressive Renal Tablets and Kidney Medicine Syrup.

Let’s See How Ayurveda for Kidney Health Work in Favor of Every Individual!

  1. Stonhills Renal Tablets

Herbal Hills Global follows the ancient Ayurveda for Kidney Health and thus, came out with Renal Tablets.

  • These Kidney supplements are an Ayurvedic combination of multiple herbs to improve Kidney health.
  • Major Herbs of Unique Renal Tablets: Pashanbhed, Punarnava, Palash Pushpa, Gokshur, and Yavashar.
  • Main Medicinal Properties: Electrolyte Balancing, Detoxifying, Analgesic, Antioxidant, Revitalizing, etc.
  • With these multiple medicinal properties, these renal tablets help to eliminate toxins in a natural way; reducing the chances of Kidney Failure.
  • Additionally, these Stonihills kidney medicine helps to flush out painful Kidney Stones to provide maximum relief.
  • Moreover, this Ayurvedic Kidney Supplement helps to regulate the water retention problem.

These Renal Tablets also helps to control and promote healthy Urinary tract functioning.

Ayurveda for kidney health

2. Stonhills Shots: Kidney Support Syrup with Mix Fruit Flavor

Herbal Hills Global with its experienced research team has decided to find an Ayurvedic solution, which is easy to consume and showcases optimum benefits. And so, we have prepared one of the most effective “Shonhills Kidney Syrup”. According to the studies, it is suggested that the Liquid form of Ayurvedic Kidney Medicine bypasses the Digestive tract and enters directly into the bloodstream to offer maximum benefits in a short time span.  And so, regular consumption of this novel Kidney medicine depicts beneficial results.

  • Ayurvedic Composition: Punarnava, Pashanbhed, Palash Pushpa, Yavakshar, Gokshur, Varun, etc.
  • Flavor: This Ayurveda for Kidney health comes with a likable “Mix Fruit Flavour”, which improves its taste and overpowers the taste of herbs; making it fun to drink. With the addition of this flavor, the percentages of people opting for this syrup increases with a huge margin.
  • Sugar-Free: This combination of authentic herbs and modern flavoring techniques, this Ayurveda for Kidney health is 100% Sugar-Free.  As mentioned earlier, the main reason for Kidney failure is High Blood Sugar Level. And so, to make it available for People with High Sugar Level, this Syrup is Sugar-Free.
  • Medicinal Properties: The most empowering properties are Electrolyte balancing, Detoxifying, Antioxidant, Analgesic, etc.
  • Benefits: With all these important medicinal properties, this Ayurveda for kidney health helps to flux out toxins and hard deposits of minerals and acid salts. It also helps to manage a healthy urinary tract functioning and helps to reduce water retention. Additionally, it controls the formulation of mineral impurities and thus maintains a regular flow of urine and blood filtration. Moreover, this Ayurveda for kidney health helps to promote a great Gall Bladder Function.

Both these Novel Kidney Supplements are great for Foreign Countries as they are based on the Ayurvedic principles. And what is the Best Place other than India to find the most potent Ayurveda for Kidney Health!

Herbal Hills Global: One of the Promising Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter from India

ayurvedic medicine export from India

Herbal Hills Global exhibit some USP’s to become the most suitable and leading manufacturer and exporter from India.

  • Traditional Cultivation

Herbal Hills Global uses its own land in the Sahyadri Mountains to follow traditional cultivation, which helps to manufacture 100% chemical free products.

  • High-Tech Processing System

Herbal Hills Global believes in the amalgamation of classic methods and modern technology and thus we follow highly-advanced manufacturing techniques. This process helps to maintain the premium quality and efficacy of each Ayurvedic Kidney Supplement.

  • International Quality Ayurvedic Products

To maintain the optimum quality level, Herbal Hills Global holds various Government approved certification such as ISO, Halal, GMP, USFDA, VOCA, etc. for more than 350+ products.

  • Best Deal for Ayurvedic Retailers and Distributors

We sell a wide variety of Ayurvedic products, which ranges from hair care, skin care, to kidney care and heart care. With 24 health categories and more 350+ potent Ayurvedic products, Herbal Hills Global offers an unbeatable to chance to purchase authentic Ayurvedic products. If you opt for bulk products, the deal will be unbelievable!

  • Direct Supply from Manufacturer

We are a one-stop platform who deals directly with the end customers and there is no hidden rules and dealers in between the deal.

With all these benefits, Herbal Hills Global Becomes one of the Best Manufacturer & Exporter from India.

Don’t Miss the Deal!

Stay Tuned to Get Information about Novel Products to be Importer from India!

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