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What Is Single Herbal Supplements?

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Today, I Mr. Dhiren Dalal, Director Of the Company – Herbal Hills is going to share with you the story of Single Herbal Supplements, what is Single Herbal Supplements, why we started this Single Herbal Supplement, why it is so popular, and what is our future plan for Single Herbal Supplements?

As the name indicates, Single Herbal means the – supplement made with single herbs such as Ashwagandha, Neem, Turmeric, or  Amla. These single herbs are then formulated in capsules or tablets from which is known as Single Herbal Supplement.

Now, as we all know that Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science but our Single Herbal Supplements is a modern concept! Why? Because it has been introduced by the western world. They realized that Ayurveda is an old science and it has many herbs that have many medicinal properties that have all the power to cure various health issues. They started studying our herbs in detail about 50 – 60 years ago and found out that each herb is made up of molecules that are extremely beneficial to cure various health problems. For example: In turmeric, there is an active compound called Curcumin that may help to boost immunity, support healthy skin, and so forth. Similarly, we have such active compounds in each ayurvedic herbs and thus found out about Single Herbal Supplements.

Why Single Herbal Supplements Is Popular? 

Firstly, it has been introduced in the western world. Secondly, it is very transparent because this formulation has a single herb and no other mixing. In olden times, in Ayurveda, there were a lot of combinations used to make one medicine such as vati or churan. Thus, people were not able to understand the ingredients in the formulation. However, with Single Herbal Supplement people feel safe because they are able to understand and read about the herbs via various sources such as Google, Blogs, or ancient ayurvedic texts.

Why Did Herbal Hills Introduce Single Herbal Supplements?

Being an Indian Ayurvedic Company, we know the importance of Single Herbal Supplements and the ingredients used to make it. In olden times, turmeric was important, not the curcumin. Thus, we believe that the total herb is important. So, all our Single Herbal Supplements product categories we have followed the fusion concept. For example: In turmeric Single Herb Supplement we have used a total of 50% Turmeric and 50% herb extracts.  This is a modern concept of concentrated activity of that particular herb. So, our product line is blended, has a fusion concept, east and west combination, and thus making it different from other brands.

What is single herbal supplement

Nowadays, Single Herbal Supplements is also picking up its pace in India more prominently in the younger generation. The main reason behind it is that our Single Herbal Supplements can be consumed without any doctor’s prescription and most importantly they are safe to consume. Post Corona, people will realize how Ayurveda and herbal products are important to improve their immunity and overall general health. So, Single Herbal Supplements is not only limited to medical conditions but it is a way of living. It is prevention before any kind of disease attacks you. There is a famous proverb which says that – “Prevention is better than cure”. So, Single Herbal Supplement will work as a prevention shield for your health.

Herbal Hills is focusing on Single Herbal Supplements by producing capsules and tablets for better health. Currently, we have more than 30 Single Herbal Supplements and I believe that our product line is going to grow in a big way in the future. We aim to produce more Single Herbal Supplements in coordination with our R&D team and give you the best health!

You can view Single Herbal Supplements in our videos. Available in English as well as Hindi. 

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