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A ) Chologuardhills Herbal Shots – Heart Care Syrup

  • Anti-lipidemic properties of Guggul may help to control lipid levels
  • May help protect vessels from the formation of plaque.
  • Cardioprotective & antioxidant properties of Arjuna may act as a heart tonic & may supports healthy blood flow.
  • Cleaning & bowel toning property of Triphala may help removes toxin from the body
  • Nagarmotha may help maintain lipid metabolism.

A ) Chologuardhills tablets – Heart Care Formulation

  • Hypolipidemic properties helps to control cholesterol levels
  • Cardioprotective & antioxidant properties helps healthy heart functioning
  • Laxative & circulatory properties improves digestion & blood circulation

Arjuna Capsules – Terminalia Arjuna – Heart Care Supplements

  • Arjuna bark works as a heart tonic that may help maintain heart health
  • Antioxidant & cholesterol lowering properties may support healthy heart functioning.
  • It may improve capillary circulation as well as cardiac muscle strength.
  • May help maintain healthy lipid levels and also may help to regulate LDL levels
  • May help maintain normal blood pressure levels
  • May promote proper blood flow and normal homo-cysteine levels.

Arjuna Herbal Powder – Terminalia Arjuna

  • The cardio=protective, antioxidant & cholesterol lowering properties may support healthy heart functioning, may improve capillary circulation & strengthen cardiac muscles.
  • May improve blood circulation as well as support healthy cardiovascular system.
  • May support healthy blood pressure.