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A ) Stonhills Shots – Kidney Support Syrup

  • Ayurvedic Kidney Support Syrup Stonhills Shots has diuretic, revitalising and detoxifying properties of the Palash Pushpa, Punarnava, Yavashar & Gokshur may help to regulate urinary tract functions & flush out kidney stones.
  • May help control formation of new calculi.
  • May help maintain healthy gall bladder functions.

A ) Stonhills Tablets – Kidney Care Formula

  • The diuretic and detoxifying properties helps to regulate urinary tract functions & flush out kidney stones.
  • Diuretic & antibacterial properties helps in the treatment of water retention and may help control urinary tract functions

Guduchi Herbal powder – Tinospora cordifolia

• The beneficial medicinal properties of Guduchi Powder(Tinospora cordifolia) may help in enhancing the natural immunity to fight against a number of conditions. • The antioxidant properties of liver support supplements may help in proper functioning of the liver and kidneys. • Giloy powder or immune system supplements for immunity wellness may be effective in general debility. • Gulvel powder may help to heal the wound in natural manner.