Herbal Hills Services: A Hassel-Free Way to Do Business

Herbal Hills is one of the trusted names in Wholesale, Export, and Contract Manufacturing market of Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements for the past 15 Years. It owns Herbal land in the most authentic Sahyadri Mountains to follow the Traditional cultivation methods. With the use of Traditional cultivation, Herbal Hills keeps the most beneficial nutrients intact in each herb and enhances its medicinal values.

When you talk about the authentic and beneficial Ayurvedic Medicines from India, then Herbal Hills takes a unique place in the list of other Manufacturers. This is because of its tremendous and hassle-free services it provides. Its other novel quality is that it is the Only Manufacturer in India, which owns a Dairy Farm to produce 100% pure Cow ghee. It owns only the best Breed and i.e. Gir Cow to produce the most beneficial A2 Cow Ghee. This Ghee is then used in the preparation of Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation, which has become the popular choice among all generations.

Herbal Hills has a wide array of Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements, which includes more than 400 products. All these herbal Ayurvedic supplements are specially made to combat various health problems, starting from common cold and cough to healthy cell care. This humongous range of products is made in different forms such as Powder, Juice, Tablets, Capsules, etc.

Dealing with this broad range of products, we need a strong supporting system, and that system is our Flexible Services.

Here is the list of Services provided by Herbal Hills

  1. Private Labeling

Herbal Hills, the leading wholesaler, Exporter and Contract Manufacturers provides more than 400 Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements for Successful Private Labeling. We have gained the trust of various companies by providing the best Herbal Ayurvedic Product they can ever get. We have 2 options in Private Labeling Service.

  1. Opt for the whole new customized formulation and Label designing
  2. Sell our well-defined and effective range of products under Your Brand Name.

The choice is yours! The best part about choosing this service is that it reduces your Manufacturing cost, it will reduce the need for inventory, logistic department, R&D, etc, We assure to maintain the time frame we provide for delivery. We deliver the desired products at your doorsteps to help you experience the hassle-free service by Herbal Hills.

  1. R & D Team

Herbal Hills has a well-experienced R&D team and elaborated in-house Quality Control Laboratory to prepare novel & customized formulation according to the client’s need. Our Quality control team is supplied with the latest Equipments and uses modern technologies to maintain superior product quality and efficacy. We only trust in the purity and nutritious value of the raw material. And so, we source raw material from the trusted resources. Additionally, some of the ancient herbs used in the customized formulation are cultivated in the own herbal land to maintain its traditional value.

  1. Product License Facility

For every customized Ayurvedic and Organic formulation required by clients, we obtain a separate product license from the Food and Drug Authority of Maharashtra. We provide you a dedicated team, which will assist you thoroughly in obtaining the product license for your personalized product at reasonable charges. The main benefit of starting a business with Herbal Hills is that you will receive appropriate product licenses for every customized product you choose to sell. We also own various Government Approved licenses such as Halal, GMP, USFDA, etc. So Grab this Opportunity Now!!!

  1. Label & Promotional Material Design

After choosing the Private Labeling Deal, customized label designing is a must! And so, Herbal Hills has its own in-house designing team to design the most appropriate labels for your products. In this process, you can give corrections and ideas in the label designing done by our expert team. We assure to provide the best label design to satisfy your need. Along with the labels, we also provide you with promotional material to promote your Own Brand. The Dedicated and Personalized Labels and Promotional Material Have NO COST! It is included in the Private labeling service we provide.

Here is the basic Performa of Customized Label.

  1. Packaging Options

For your every need, we have a different packaging option. Our experienced Packing team makes available various packaging options as per the client’s needs. Some of the packaging options are Bottles with different sizes and shapes, Pouches, Sample Sachets, etc. Choose your preferred option to enhance your Brand Value.

  1. Logistic Department

The first thing every company thinks about is the delivery service, especially when you import the products from different countries. But, Herbal Hills provides the best service by delivering the products at your doorsteps. Herbal Hills has a Hi-Tech Logistics System, which provides competent packaging and efficient transport service with better price and delivery terms.

So don’t miss the chance to tie a business knot with manufacturing and exporting brand like Herbal Hills.

With all these apt services, sign a Private Labeling Deal or opt for Wholesale Deal with Herbal Hills to Grow Your Business.

Make the Business Affordable and Hassel-Free with Herbal Hills’s Services!

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